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Academic Skills Ambassador Program Applications Now Open!

Jae Chung

VPTL hires undergraduate and graduate students to work as academic skills ambassadors. Ambassadors engage communities across campus (residential, thematic, ethnic, disciplinary, etc.) and teach students academic skills through workshops and individual coaching sessions. Ambassadors also assist The Resilience Project. These positions provide qualified students with valuable professional development.

Student ambassadors receive training on teaching and learning theory, pedagogy, and relevant research. They also learn how to present workshops including:

  • Time Management: How to structure, plan, and manage a calendar
  • Reading Strategies: Demonstration of various strategies for effective reading
  • Learning Skills: Tips on time management, procrastination, attention, test preparation, motivation, reading, and note-taking
  • Writing to Completion: Strategies for turning research and ideas into a finished written product
  • Goal Setting: Introduction to goal-setting research and how to create realistic goals and complete them
  • Resilience: Developing a narrative around failure

For more information, contact Jae Chung at