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Rhean Sun
You probably hear it all the time, maybe from your family, the media, or even your instructors: Make sure you’re getting enough sleep! In fact, we’ve done a couple of posts in the past about the essential role sleep plays in our lives, and how...Read more
Reagan Walker
Got plans for doing undergraduate research this summer? Conducting summer research as an undergrad has numerous benefits, including potentially discovering a passion for research, building transferable skills like data analysis and writing ability,...Read more
Jamie Seney
Needless to say that after the Winter Quarter whirlwind of class, work, rain, and general slump-ery, Spring could not have been more readily received. Sprawling under the sun, going to concerts, darties, fountain hopping, looking forward to the...Read more
Alex Ayers
If you’re interested in talking about a problem set or thinking through a tough concept, then coming to drop-in hours or making an appointment is a great way to learn from experienced classmates who have taken the class before. To make sure you’re...Read more
Jamie Seney
April 10, 2019: An email from appears in my inbox with the subject line “Please Declare Your Major." My major? My major? Sometimes the word gets tossed around so often I forget what it means. I hopped on Axess and submitted my...Read more
Adina Glickman
Your body, unfortunately, doesn’t know the difference between the experience of meeting a mountain lion on a hike and taking exam. To your central nervous system, both the lion and the exam perceive that your life is in danger. So up goes the heart...Read more
Jae Chung
VPTL hires undergraduate and graduate students to work as academic skills ambassadors. Ambassadors engage communities across campus (residential, thematic, ethnic, disciplinary, etc.) and teach students academic skills through workshops and...Read more
Alex Ayers
Week 2 is a time where everything starts settling—the shopping period is over, and you’re just starting to establish your routine. As you’re thinking about your study times and your new schedule, don’t forgot about the awesome resources the CTL has—...Read more
Alex Ayers
Welcome back to campus! We’re thrilled that it’s the beginning of a new quarter, and we would love to help you start off on the right track. Check out our top five tips for starting out this quarter right: Reflect and set a goal: To move forward,...Read more
Alex Ayers
Happy finals week! We want to make sure you are taking some time to care for yourself, so this week, we’re going to talk about what self-care is (and isn’t) so you get through finals with your health intact. Self-care is a set amount of time for you...Read more


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