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Ely Jay Nez
As a FLI student at Stanford, I do not choose to blend in . I demand the comfortable to be uncomfortable. I want people to realize my disadvantage has always been my advantage . At Stanford, the life of a FLI student is hard but that’s nothing new...Read more
Jae Chung
You’ve probably heard the phrase “college will be the best years of your life.” But no one talks about the tests, the homesickness, the stress and the diminishing sunlight that you experience during the winter quarter. Many students feel “down” or “...Read more
Alana Garcia
As an academic skills coach, I am constantly reflecting on ways I could have had a better experience as a Stanford undergrad. Every time I give advice, I wish I could go back in time and give my college-self that suggestion. While the...Read more
Adina Glickman
Welcome first years! Welcome transfer students! If this is your first time visiting our blog, feel free to search the tags that call to you. This is the place to come for advice on how to learn well, change up some of your habits, and be otherwise...Read more
Kevin Rustagi
Stanford, I Screwed Up! What a crazy name for a show. I didn’t really know what it was – I saw an email I think. I hadn’t been to the event. But the idea of people sharing their screw-ups – I was intrigued. Some British guy once said that, ‘To err...Read more
Alana Garcia
Accepting applications for "Stanford, I Screwed Up!" 2017 "Stanford, I Screwed Up!" is a live performance in Meyer Green where students share personal narratives of failure and resilience through spoken word, comedy, video, dance, poetry, music...or...Read more
Vivian Lam
Welcome, one and all, to the dawn of a new era. The fact that this new era applies exclusively to you as an individual only makes it all the more revolutionary. You’ve unpacked your bags, said your goodbyes and made some hellos, and are ready to...Read more
Jackie Choucair
The wait was finally over as I stood there in the dry heat with over a thousand families listening to Stanford’s 2013 convocation ceremony! I was trying to hold back a flood of tears because it didn’t make sense to cry; after all, I was finally on...Read more
Ines Gerard-Ursin
This latest chapter of the Stanford experience is drawing to a close: for some, it’s the baseline, the first entry, the foundation that all others will build on: for others, it’s the last, it’s the end of living here, studying here, having this be...Read more
Hannah Welch
Every upperclassman loves to rave about spring quarter at Stanford. Fall is beloved for football season, winter is bemoaned for a heavy course load, and spring is celebrated for perfect, eighty-degree days and little class time. Spring quarter at...Read more


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