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Adina Glickman
When the avalanche of schoolwork threatens to bury you, try this tool for getting your head clear and making a solid time management plan. It's worked for hundreds of Stanford students, it can work for you!Read more
Valerie Chang
By Guest Blogger Valerie Chang For many of us, one word has been buzzing in our minds during these past couple of weeks: With the hardest part still yet to come: finals, projects, and papers, summer is the light at the end of the tunnel. Thoughts of...Read more
Jessica Anderson
Sometimes it is natural to have a distaste for hardship. The end of the quarter is near, and the idea of studying for finals is enough to make you want to hide under a pile of blankets. But, finals are inevitable. So why not look for the incentives...Read more
Vincent Su
By Guest Blogger Vincent Su There’s a saying in Buddhism philosophy that says, “If you’re hungry, then eat” In a lot of ways, this type of reasoning seems downright trivial. However, when taking into account how we complicate the way we live our...Read more
Jessica Anderson
In my book, procrastination does not entirely deserve its heinous reputation. True, procrastination is in many ways about avoidance, hesitance, even abject fear. But I say it’s also about problem-solving. Not your best problem-solving strategy, but...Read more
Monica Elizabeth Ellwood-Lowe
By Guest Blogger Monica Ellwood Lowe From the second I arrived at the Farm, I began to hear stories about the glory of Stanford Spring. “Winter quarter sucks,” the all-knowing upperclassmen in my dorm would say, turning their lips up slyly, “but...Read more
Valerie Chang
By Guest Blogger Valerie Chang Its only week 2 of spring quarter and I know what you’re thinking…What!?! Midterms already!?! Many classes are having midterms as early as next week! But these next few weeks don’t have to be all study and no fun. Here...Read more
Vivian Lam
By Guest Blogger Vivian Lam Some days, I wake up to discover myself transfigured into an automaton with human skin wrapped around preprogrammed circuits that drive my feet forward on a calculated path. I avoid the puddles on the sidewalk, and go...Read more
Valerie Chang
By Guest Blogger Valerie Chang It’s 12am, and you realize you have a paper and a CS assignment due to in two days. You notice you’re really tired and your productivity has fallen to 20%. You figure you should head to bed and get an early start on...Read more
Adina Glickman
What do you do when you just can’t get yourself motivated? Scare yourself? Dangle rewards in your future? Procrastinate? These are all good things, each in their own weird ways, but if you haven’t hit upon that special recipe for how to get yourself...Read more


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