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Time Management

Jae Chung
If you ask someone what good time management is, you’re likely to get a response along the lines of “the process of organizing and planning your time effectively between specific activities.” I like to go by a definition a bit cruder. “How can I...Read more
Alana Garcia
What can I do in 20 minutes? It’s too small of a window. I guess I’ll text friends, go on social media, keep my snapstreak alive, etc. right? Actually…twenty minutes is a precious window that can provide valuable, quality time. As long as you commit...Read more
Adina Glickman
Lots of students ask about speed reading, looking for instruction or approval. They’re only words, right? If I jam them into my brain at the speed of light, there’s more time for other important things like Econ. Or flirting. Or napping. Or fb. But...Read more
Alana Garcia
Do you put the “pro” in procrastination? Have you lined up lots of excuses about how things will get done in the magical land of later? Do these 5 W’s sound familiar? Who procrastinates? Um, well, everyone at some point. What are you procrastinating...Read more
Debnil Sur
After a couple years on the Farm, my quarters have fallen into a familiar rhythm. The first few weeks are glorious: I see all my friends again, my classes are genuinely academically interesting, and I can even attend the talks, sporting events, and...Read more
Alana Garcia
Yay Thanksgiving Break! There’s a whole week without classes, sleeping in late, hanging out with friends, and eating delicious food. But mixed into that buffet of happy choices you might be faced with some other less savory options. Classes aren’t...Read more
Adina Glickman
Students ask all the time what to do with those half-hours or 20-minutes, or even hour-long slices of time that nestle between classes, meetings, meals, or other activities. Makes me think of food, but then again most things do. Most people believe...Read more
Adina Glickman
When the avalanche of schoolwork threatens to bury you, try this tool for getting your head clear and making a solid time management plan. It's worked for hundreds of Stanford students, it can work for you!Read more
Adina Glickman
As I write, my 17-year-old rising senior is napping on the couch. It’s 1:00pm, and I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, the very depths of maternal instinct are satisfied by seeing my boy peacefully curled up with a cat and a blankie...Read more
Valerie Chang
By Guest Blogger Valerie Chang For many of us, one word has been buzzing in our minds during these past couple of weeks: With the hardest part still yet to come: finals, projects, and papers, summer is the light at the end of the tunnel. Thoughts of...Read more


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