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Time Management

Valerie Chang
By Guest Blogger Valerie Chang It’s 12am, and you realize you have a paper and a CS assignment due to in two days. You notice you’re really tired and your productivity has fallen to 20%. You figure you should head to bed and get an early start on...Read more
Vincent Su
By Guest Blogger Vincent Su “I’ll start after dinner,” you tell yourself as you prepare for an all-nighter. You’ve barely scratched the surface when you remember that club meeting at 9p.m. So now you’re distracted. Midnight? That’s a good time to...Read more
Vivian Lam
By Guest Blogger, Vivian Lam Thanksgiving Break—it’s a time of falling leaves, holiday cheer, and rabid shoppers. A whole week of freedom to stay in bed as long as you please, to catch up with family and friends, to run marathons (on the road or on...Read more
Adina Glickman
When you start a paper, does this happen to you? You’ve gotten a few drafty pages and a few interesting ideas written down. You’re proud of being productive, and not just a little relieved that you didn’t stare into space for 3 hours without a scrap...Read more
Adina Glickman
Sometimes, the pile of stuff to do gets so big, you just don’t want to look at it any more. You know, of course, that the longer you ignore it, the bigger it gets and the smaller your time gets, but oddly, this doesn’t motivate you. Eventually, the...Read more
Adina Glickman
It’s a tip of the iceberg thing. Here’s what you see: An adorable little iceberg, right? Think of that as your Text in Conversation draft. How long will it take to do that work? 6 hours? Well sure, but what about… The time it takes to read and think...Read more
Adina Glickman
Fear of Missing Out If you didn’t know what FOMO meant and you’re freaking out because you’re SO behind the curve, this blog’s for you. 5 Steps to Manage your FOMO Affliction Acknowledge it’s not a fear, it’s a fact. You ARE missing out on something...Read more
Adina Glickman
Brains thrive on feedback. Give a brain a cookie (via your mouth & tastebuds) brain says “YUM, more please.” The feedback loop is instantaneous: taste, texture, response, thought all flow quickly. Or touch a hot pan – brain says “OUCH, stay back...Read more
Jordan Gray
Students ask all the time what to do with those half-hours or 20-minutes, or even hour-long slices of time that nestle between classes, meetings, meals, or other activities. Makes me think of food, but then again most things do. Most people believe...Read more
Adina Glickman
When you came to Stanford, you signed up for some interesting opportunities. You also signed up for some important responsibilities. Among them: using email as the official form of University communication . And thus began the cavalcade of emails...Read more


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