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How to Make the Most of Fall Break

Alana Garcia


Yay Thanksgiving Break! There’s a whole week without classes, sleeping in late, hanging out with friends, and eating delicious food. But mixed into that buffet of happy choices you might be faced with some other less savory options. Classes aren’t over yet and there’s probably some preparation you’ll need to fit in before the quarter wraps up. Here are some steps to take at the beginning of this week so you can squeeze in the space you need to feel ready for week 10.

1.     Figure out what you need to do between now and the end of the quarter for each class (e.g., reading, problem sets, papers, projects)

2.     Map out the specifics for what you need to cover for each class. What types of tasks are required for each class and when are the due dates? Drill down to the nitty gritty and visualize what you want to finish this week. (e.g., which pages you might read, studying the difference between alkenes and alkynes, creating an outline for your paper).

3.     Jot down how much time you’ll need to devote to each thing. Maybe you want to spend two hours sketching an outline and picking a topic for that paper; then building in lunch break. Afterward you might pencil in two hours to start your problem set. And don’t forget to add another break. A whole day could look like this:

    <---BREAK AT STANFORD         BREAK AT HOME---->      

4.  Do this for every day of the week. Spread tasks out throughout the week in palatable chunks. 

Visually mapping out your time at the beginning of the week means you won’t be caught with whiplash on Friday, asking yourself “where did the time go?” …an easy thing to do with all the friends, family and festivities that may surround you.  Enjoy your R&R, manageable doses of prep time, and that extra side of stuffing ;)

Want some extra tips on how to get ahead this week? Check out this post from our friends at UAR.

Now if you need something to do during a break, watch these tiny hamsters eat tiny Thanksgiving food.