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Tutoring and Language Conversation Partner Sessions Begin This Week!

Alex Ayers

Week 2 is a time where everything starts settling—the shopping period is over, and you’re just starting to establish your routine. As you’re thinking about your study times and your new schedule, don’t forgot about the awesome resources the CTL has—like subject tutoring, and language conversation practice. Don’t just take our word for it—check out what other students have to say about our programs!

Subject Tutoring:

  • “The tutors that I met with were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I am grateful that this is a resource that is available to students and I plan on using the tutoring programs again in the future.”
  • “VPTL Tutoring should not be looked at as something for only students struggling; it's a great resource to really solidify content as you learn it, and the tutors are fantastic and not only helping you understand a problem or an answer, but how to come to the conclusion on your own. I'm so thankful for the help I've received this quarter.”
  • “The ones in el centro on Sundays for chemistry are super helpful! I appreciate their willingness to expand their assistance to not only helping me understand the concepts but how to approach specific problems like on the psets. I have been too busy to return as often as I'd like but have definitely recommended this resource to my friends. Super helpful and approachable tutors.”
  • “I learned how to break problems down into relevant concepts and to ask myself the questions my tutors were asking me.”
  • “I learned how to think critically and approach difficult problems.”
  • “Since not all your questions get answered during office hours and you can't always receive one on one help, tutoring is extremely helpful.”

Language Conversation Practice:

  • “This program is a vital part of my experience learning languages here. Thank you so much for having it!!!”
  • “[The LCP] creates a comfortable atmosphere so that we feel more confident in our conversational skills. Very great experience overall.”
  • “[The LCP] was great to converse with and helped to keep the conversation natural, such that I was able to speak somewhat fluidly for a much longer time than I had anticipated. Really encouraging and supportive!”
  • “[The LCP] was incredibly helpful at getting me the advanced level conversational practice I needed, with very few class sessions or other conversations in daily life challenging me to test out new things in practice and also step outside of what I already use frequently. He was flexible in terms of the types of situations I wanted to work through and his advice was often insightful.”
  • “[The LCP] was a really good tutor in my experiences with his LCP sessions. I have had a lot of trouble in conversational Japanese, specifically in speaking casually to other students, and he has helped me become more natural sounding and more confident in my abilities. I have recommended their hours to everyone in my Japanese class.”

For more information about our programs, check out our website for our appointments and drop-in tutoring locations.